Jun. 24th, 2016 10:56 pm
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I am staring at the blank space of my Microsoft word for like 20 minutes before I finally had the courage to type this down.

 I know I am a lonely person. But I do have friends, I do have closest friends and best friends but the feeling of being lonely just always hit me. I’ve got close people who I can talk to anytime or anywhere, I got close friends online who is ready to talk to me at any time of the day. But the feeling of being lonely is just too extreme that I cannot handle it myself.

It got really bad when I was taking care of my grand-auntie. She was hospitalized for 16 days and I was the only one who’s taking care of her since day 1 (I got a rest day for like 3 days only).  I sleep late around 1 or 2 in the morning just to make sure grandie is fine, or if she needed help on anything and I woke up before 6 am because grandie needed to eat or pee. For almost 16 days, I do this all by myself. Yes, there are people who visit her and help out, but grandie is just dependent on me. Im not complaining or anything about her being dependent on me, coz I know she is having a hard time. [What I hate is that the other family members, and grandie’s partner (monkey) is also dependent on me. When Monkey is around  grandie she would ask me to be the one who do this and that. One time grandie needed to pee, and I was reading a book and trying to rest myself because of the long night I had; Grandie said “I needed to pee” and then the monkey said “Hey, your grand aunt needed to pee” just like a boss. SHE WAS THERE, SITTING AND DOING NOTHING! SHE HAD A GOOD SLEEP ON HER BED, IN HER HOUSE AND SHE CAME TO THE HOSPITAL NOT TO HELP, BUT TO JUST SHOWER US WITH HER PRESENCE WHO’S NOT VERY NEEDED. I am just so frustrated about her. But actually this one is another story.]

Since I do nothing but to be stressed out and take care of her, my strength is drifting away. Like, I have strength only to take care of others and its drain when I needed to take care of myself. That’s when I started to get to the loneliest phase in my life (or so I think).

I was jealous over my friends who are working their ass off and at the end of the day they got encouraging messages and hugs from their life partners. I crave for the feeling, I crave for the affection and I crave for being loved. I wanted it too. I badly want it too.

So when I came home the Friday night, I open omegle and chat to the strangers. I was looking for people who have decency and not talk about sexual stuffs. I was “trying to find a friend” like someone I can tell stories and not judge me, someone who can comfort me and encourage me every time im tired and unloved.

Someone came, he was really sweet and nice. I treat him as a friend and we talk almost non-stop. I grew attached to him since he gives me the strength I needed. I thought, finally I got someone who can make me feel happy, just by words. At least there is someone who wants me. I thought things would end up like how I wanted it to be, I thought we’d be so close and he wont leave me like other people do. But one afternoon he just drop the bomb and told me, he’s deleting snapchat because his parents found out about him chatting. And I was like, WHAT.

I couldn’t hold myself that day, I thought that things are fine, and then suddenly he drop the bomb. I was feeling lonely again. I don’t know what should I do, coz I trusted him so deep and he left, just like that.

I feel frustrated, and lonely and sad and all the negative feelings on earth. I was thinking that no one would really want to love me, or take care of me, or make me feel happy again.

I wanted to be happy, I wanted to be loved and I want someone to lean on.




Bad Sister

May. 12th, 2016 09:34 pm
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May 11, 2016

 Today, my demon almost took over my whole system.
I almost cut my brother's tongue because we we're fighting, again. For the same reason why we fight in everyday life. Food.
He's always been like that, not eating and finishing the food served for him. But today, idk. My mood got messed up and the demons almost took over me. I was so tired because i baked some oatmeal bars, then I asked him if he was hungry and if he wanted to eat dinner. He said yes, so I got up on bed and cooked for him.  
I asked him to get his rice, i was supposed to tell him that the amount of his rice serving is too little and he should add more but i didn't say anything coz i know he wont eat it all.
He was eating all alone while i was connecting the internet, Then all of a sudden he said "Ate ayoko na" (i dont want to eat anymore). I told him to finish his food but he silently cried on the table. He got up and told me "May sasabihin lang ako kay Lola Mely" (I'm just going to say something to  Lola) he's sniffling as he tried to run towards the other house. Then he whined and told them that his tummy hurts and he doesn't want to eat anymore. That's the last straw, I got mad.
He told everyone his stomach is aching, so all of them (my lola and 2 other cousins) was so worried about him. They told him not to eat anymore. I told them to let him whine, because he's just nagpapaawa (asking for pity).
When everyone went out of our house, i ask my brother to clean the dishes. He's 8 years old, and he must know hot to atleast do something rather than just play. He was still crying and whining and my mind just completely turn into a beast. I ask him what is wrong, and he wont answer me, so  kind of threatened to cut his tongue with scissors in hand. I felt guilty, I fxxking felt like the worst sister in the world.
I'm sorry Baby Bro. We both know we did wrong, so I hope we learn something from it. 
I love you Joe. I'm so sorry.

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 Title : The Taste of the Future: (drabble) Night time

Author : AechaPark

Words count : 603

Genre : Family, Romance, Fluff


Yuta laid down beside his wife who was busy uploading photos they took the whole day on her private facebook account using her cellphone.

“Kaachan, let’s rest?” Daichi adjusted herself on Yuta’s shoulder as her husband embraced her. They liked this kind of intimate position, just laying beside each other while Daichi used Yuta as her pillow. Sweet, intimate body language that said they were contented on their relationship.

            Daichi snuggle slowly on her husband, “touchan, thank you”. Yuta hummed as he brushes her hair softly. He liked touching Daichi’s hair, the locks are short but soft. He found it cute and attractive at the same time. And Daichi had kept her hair in the same length as how Yuta liked it.

“for what?”

“for everything.” She smiled facing her husband and staring deeply in his eyes.”This day, this life, this family, for everything, I’ve never been so contented in my life and that is all because of you.”

The light of the moon was illuminating on his face, and Daichi saw the softness in his eyes. Yuta caresses her face and smiled softly. He nod and drop a sweet kiss on his wife’s forehead.

 “You don’t have to thank me.” Yuta’s deep voice sounded like the bass of the guitar strum like a sweet melody in Daichi’s ear. He continued “Because everything we have is because of you. You saved me, from the loneliness of my past. And it’s just because I love you, our kids, and this family. I love all of you, and I love you so much Daichi.” She felt moved; Yuta didn’t really talk about the past he had, only in quite few occasions that was called for, but in rare times like this, Daichi felt the tugging feeling on her heart.

She hated the thought of her husband suffering from the loneliness when he was still a teen ager, she hated how fragile her baby Tako and was struggling alone. Because, just like him she had been there. And through fate, and hard work by the both of them, the two met and fortunately fell for each other.

            Daichi believed that Without actions, fate won't work. All struggles and problem she faced just to be with Yuta, all pains and failures and the thought of giving up in the middle have been paid off.

Fate worked her magic because she had taken all the actions and efforts needed to be with the man she ever dream of.

The man of her dreams noticed her and fell for her. You thought only fairy tales had that kind of love story? No, I believe not. These two beautiful hearts meeting by choice was made by fate. And that is the kind of fairy tales that exist in the real world.


Yuta greeted her goodnight and closed his eyes. The day was long and he needed to prepare for another long day tomorrow. He was tired from playing with the kids but they had too much energy that almost drained up all his power. He immediately fell asleep as soon as Daichi left a peck on his lips.


Daichi felt the steady beating of her husband’s heart and closed her eyes. The slow thumps lulled her to sleep and soon she drifted to a restful dream.


Life wasn't about luck; Life was about Hard work and Actions that would lead you to the path where your dreams would come true. And that was the path that these two persons took. That was the path where they both cross at the same time and fell in love in the journey together.


As what I've said, this is a head cannon guys. 
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 Title : The Taste of the Future; BBQ Reunion 

Author : AechaPark

Words count : 1317     

Genre : Family, Romance, Fluff



“Com’on Otouchan~ You need to get up, Hansol Oppa and Aecha will be here in less than an hour! You need to get up!!” Daichi whined at her lazy bum husband. Being married with a Japanese idol was never easy, getting a few free days on his busy schedule was something that they always looked forward to. So when the day had finally come, Daichi couldn’t help but to be excited on this. She invited her friend-slash-sister-in-law (by heart) and her family to spend some quality time on their house. She always dreamt of having a barbeque party with Aecha and her family, because the two wives love the grilled pork, and the Ji family would stay for a few days in Japan for holidays and bonding time.


 “I need to be awake by the mighty power of your kisses, kaachan” Yuta pouted his lips, asking for his morning kiss from his beloved wife.

“You’ll get one once you’re up! Now com’on! Get your butt out of bed” Daichi got up on bed only to be pulled back in Yuta’s arms.

Yuta grinned, “but I needed my morning popo’s from my very beautiful wife!!” he smothered wet kisses on his wife as Daichi tried to suppress her giggles.

“KAASAAAAAAAAAAN! TOOOOOOSAAAAAAN!!!” Two adorable kids opened the door, screaming and giggling as they run inside their parent’s bedroom. “Shiho, Ryohei, careful!” Daichi called out as their kids jump into the bed.

 “Okaasan~ Otosan~ Let’s get ready! Hea and Byulie are coming!!” They said simultaneously as they settled down between the two love birds.

“That’s Oneechan and Oniisan for the two of you.” Daichi pointed out. “See, Your kids are excited! Let’s go twins” Daichi smirked at Yuta and stood out of the bed. She ushered the twins out of the bedroom and asked them to wash up. “Yu-chan you really need to get up!” she called out as soon as she was out of the room.

Yuta groaned but obeyed his wife. He got out of bed and fixed it, he made sure that the bed was nicely done before getting inside the bathroom to wash up. Yuta knew Daichi hated it when the bed was undone, and so he made sure she wont’t get mad at him.


‘Ding dong ding’ “Shi-chan! THEY’RE HERE!! THEY’RE HERE!!” Ryohei’s shrilling voice echoed throughout the living room as he excitedly stood up and dashed towards his mother who was opening the door.


“Careful kids” Daichi never failed to make sure that her bundle of fluffs were being careful.

“HEA-NEECHAN!!! HANBYULLIE-NIISAN!!!” the kids energetically called out as the new set of twins came in.

Aecha embraced Daichi as she stepped in the house “Aww. They’re all excited! How are you?” she smiled happily as they came inside.

“Welcome~ I’ve been busy taking care of the two, and still working freelance. You look nice, how’s Korean life?” The two wives continued chatting while they prepared snacks for the kids who were busy playing blocks inside Shiho and Ryohei’s room.



“How’s your flight Hyung?” Yuta asked as he unloaded the luggage out off the family van Hansol rented on their stay in Japan. 4 days stay at the Nakamoto household and 4 days in a hotel in Tokyo. The Ji twins loved Mickey Mouse, so Hansol wanted his kids to visit Disney Land in Tokyo. But Aecha wanted to visit the Universal Studio in Osaka more than Disney Land. She loved Harry Potter, so her real agenda –except seeing the Nakamoto’s- was to actually see universal studio.

“It wasn’t as tiring as I thought It would be. The kids are pretty much sleeping the whole time, but once we landed, they turn into 2 rolling pandas. They’re so excited meeting your kids.” The two laughed softly as they made their way inside the house.

The two couples chatted like they usually did, catching up like old times and teasing each other like they were still in their early 20’s.

At eleven o’clock, the two wives started preparing the foods, while the husbands were setting up the grille for the barbeque. It was an open secret for the families that barbeque was one of the most favorite dishes of Aecha, so Daichi requested it specially.

“Naynay, Can we go play po outside?” The adorable Hea in her cute pig tails asked her mommy. Aecha liked to be called in a traditional Filipino way and she taught her kids to use the “po and opo”. She also exposed them to the Filipino culture since she come home to the Philippines a lot of the times. “Sure darling, just be careful and don’t get too dirty, we’ll eat lunch soon” the worry wart mother said while chopping tomatoes.




 “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~~” a loud screech coming from the outside was heard and the two mothers immediately abandoned what they were doing.


“Tatay!! Tatay!! Hwaa hwaa hwaa~” Hanbyul was crying because he got a scrape on his knees while running around in the backyard. He was a bit clumsy, like his mother. She always tripped even though she was just walking or running around a solid ground. That was how clumsy she was, and that was exactly her little boy was like.


Hansol carried his little guy and cradle him a little bit; he was laughing a little but at the same time feeling bad. Hanbyul didn't usually cry over small wounds like this, but he guessed that Hanbyul must have been embarrassed with his playmates, so he cried.

“What happened?” Aecha rushed over the father and son to check Hanbyul. She examined the wound and ran back to the house to retrieve the medi-kit she had on her bag. She always made sure to have at least a band-aid, an antiseptic, a cotton, and medicines on her bag because ‘you may never know what will happen, so it’s better if you’re ready’ as what she'd say.


“Is Byullie-niisan gonna to be okay, Uncle?” Shiho asked in a sweet like candy voice.

“of course, Shi-chan. Byullie-niisan is strong” Setting down the boy who finally calmed down, Hansol grinned at his son. “Right Hanbyul?” he patted his son’s head and the latter smiled and nodded.

“Let’s play again!” The ever energetic Hea jumped as she held her brother’s hand. She had the energy of a pup that ran around and wouldn’t easily get tired. As soon as Aecha was done cleaning the wound and kissed it, Hanbyul quickly walked with his sister and cousins to the mat and play with them. Kids would always be kids, playing even after getting hurt.

“Your Kid scared me back there” Yuta nudged Hansol as they continued to grill the pork. “I thought he’ll throw tantrums.”

Hansol smirked and continue to load some coal on the grille “Hahaha, he’s probably embarrassed, he was not usually like that.”


“Kids~ Let’s eat!” Daichi called out the kids who were playing on the mat and talking like they were already young adults.

The kids ran and then sat down on the bench side by side while their fathers were filling up their plates.

“Hanbyul?” The oldest among the kids nodded and held his sister and Ryohei’s hand.

“Papa God, thank you for the food and thank you for auntie and uncle for letting us play with Ryo-chan and Shi-chan. Thank you for always loving us and giving us yummy foods. We love you Papa God” as Hanbyul ended the prayer, the kids immediately dug in to the foods in front of them.

Luckily, the weather was sunny that the kids could really enjoy the day out. It was pleasant to see that the two families were enjoying their holidays and having fun while it lasted, because after this they knew that the busy and city life would begin again. And they were not sure when would they have the time to have this kind of day again.



The Taste of the Future is a vision and head cannon of Daichi and Arizza.

No hate comments coz, WE DON”T CARE!!

Watch Daichi Marry Yuta and Watch Aecha Marry Hansol <3 XD

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Ang Pamilya Ji

Madam Johnny

      Ang ulirang ina nina Mark at Ten. Ang Matampuhing diva ngunit wagas i-ship ang anak niyang si Mark sa kaibigan/kaklase nitong si Donghyuck.

Don Hansol

Ang lalaking kunwariy walang pakealaam sa kanyang may-bahay ngunit pinagpapantasyahan sa kanyang office ang kanyang mahal na si Johnny.

      Ang panganay na anak ni Don.Hansol. Ang batang may sariling mundo.


Ang pangalawang anak nina Hansol at Johnny. Dakilang diva at spoiled brat. Lahat ng bagay ay kanyang nakukuha sa pamamagitan lamang ng beautiful eyes 


Jung Jaehyun

Ang batang nagging bunga ng matinding pagmamahalan ni Kris at Suho. Ang tagapag mana ng Hacienda Babaklain. Umalis sa kanilang kalupaan upang mamasukan at magtrabaho sa isang mansion na pagmamay-ari ni Don. Doyoung. 


Don. Doyoung

-        Ang mayamang lalaki na umampon sa batang hampaslupang si Donghyuck. Ang may matabang pusong mayaman  na may lihim na pag tingin sa kanyang kusinero/hardinero/Tagasibak ng kahoy/driber niyang si Jaehyun o mas kilala sa tawag na Dudung.


   Ang batang walang kinabukasan noon ngunit malaki na ang fyutyur ngayon. Sa kadahilanang nakita siya ni Don Doyoung na nagkakalkal ng basura sa tabi ng kanyang mansion ay niyapos at binihisan at punatira ang batang si Donghyuck sa mansion ni Don Doyoung upang maging anak-anakan niya.





Ang binatilyong nagaaral sa Kolehiyo na madalas nagpapakain ng mga itek sa pond salikod bahay ni Ginoong Taeyong. Siya ay masiyahing bata at pala kaibigan, kayat nagging madali upang mahumaling ang loob ng Ginoo sa batang si Yuta. Siya ay mahilig mag-ukit at maghulma ng mga kung ano anong bagay, kayat niregaluhan niya ang Ginoo ng isang Gundam na gawa sa kahoy na nakuha sa isang tuyo at patay na Cherry blossoms.




Ang matandang misteryoso na nakatira sa tabi ng mansion ni Madam Johnny. Ang buhay niya ay hindi nagging madali. Iniwanan ng asawa, hindi nagkaanak at maraming nagging karelasyon. Tumanda siyang mag-isa sa malaking bahay na may pond sa likod ngunit parke ang katabi. Dito  niya nakilala ang taong muling nagpatibok ng kanyang puso
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I’ve always been a positive person. I always think of positive things out of negative moments, and I think it’s my strongest ability. But sometimes, I can’t help but to feel insecure, and devastated for a moment.

When Kris left, I was really hurt. I cried for a week or maybe more, when Luhan left, I am also hurt, I cried again, a week or less. I was a bit okay coz I can see his reasons and Lay himself said he’s in good terms with him. But when Tao’s issues came by, I was really devastated. I tried so hard not to make other people notice, but there was a time that all my built frustrations bottled up and it came out bursting with flames.

I couldn’t hate him, I just can’t. I wanted, but I can’t seem to. But does doesn’t mean I am in fine terms with him. I was really hurt, to the point that I cried and cried and was distressed. On my thoughts, I always think that maybe he is being manipulated by his parents and he can’t do anything about this issue coz of his “utang na loob (debt of gratitude)” or its a compensation to them. He wouldn’t be able to reach his dreams without them, that’s what I think is the reason. But when this big project he made, and the lyrics he wrote, I feel really upset and devastated. I wanted to go to china and ask him face to face if all those moments he spent and memories he made with them are just for media play, and if he’s a liar all along.

When he wrote something on his ig about Kris, I was really hurt by his words, calling him traitor and all the likes. But what did he do? I think he’s as worst as him. NO, more than worst. I feel so fucking idiot for believing him. But then I recall all the memories he created as a member of EXO, 3 years. he had made me happy, for 3 fucking years, I’m thankful of that even though I don’t know if it’s just a freaking media play only. I’m still thankful of him. Not 1 or 2 or 10 hurtful things can change the fact that he made me happy for a while back. I can’t judge him, I can’t say he’s a bad person, because of the things he did for these past few months. But I won’t be able to defend him for now. I can’t even support him whole heartedly.

I know I had a promise on my letter that whatever he do, I’ll support him. I am going to eat my words and my pride. I’m sorry Tao, but I can’t walk with you in this path you are taking. Maybe in the future, if I’m healed but right now I can just watch you take more and more steps further away from me. Good Luck. That’s the only thing I can give you, a good luck. But I can’t promise to be there for you.


Until the day I’m ready to love you again.

From a hurt Hailang.



Nov. 6th, 2014 03:49 pm
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My message to my beloved Baba 

          Like when I promised to myself that you will be forever be in my heart, I also promise to never leave your side. In whatever path you take, I will always cheer for you and give you strength. Even though the whole world turned its back against you my beloved, I will still be here to support, love and cherish you. THERE IS A PLACE where SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW that TIME BOILS THE RAIN. It may sound impossible but as you said, everything is possible. As the word itself said I'm Possible.


          Yifan, I'm glad that you are finally taking slow steps to fulfill your dreams and each step and decisions you made are all making me proud of you. Today, as you turn 24 I congratulate you with all sincerity and love.

          Baba, you are a wonderful man. A talented and kind hearted man that deserves all these blessings. Congratulations for all the achievements that you've worked hard for. /pats your back/ Happy Birthday Yifan-baba. I love you


- Aecha Park


Oct. 2nd, 2014 11:36 am
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 HEY HEY HEEEEEEEEEEEY~ I've been very busy for a while and I almost forgot to update my blog ;3 
anyways, i just wanted to share this cutie, my Laptop. His name is Eun Jiwon, has a new skin *u* I made it my self, my very own personalize laptop skin yiee xD

Before : it was a OT12 skin, although the EXO-K is just a sticker,bcos i don't have a full OT12 poster that I can make as a skin.

After : a Tao skin ;3 yeeey~

Isn't he cutie?


Sep. 7th, 2014 03:24 pm
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Teen Top Releases New Teaser Photos for Upcoming Comeback

On September 3, Naver Music revealed brand new teaser images for Teen Top’s upcoming comeback. The photos were taken with two members in each: C.A.P and ChangjoRicky and Chunji, as well as L.Joe and Niel, all paired up with one another.

The jacket photo shoot for these pictures was taken on a street in New York. The similar but distinct styles of black leather outfits bring out each member’s individual character and showcase a manly charm. The chemistry between the paired up members give off a sexy and mature vibe, melting the hearts of fans.

These unveiled teaser photos show a completely different image from the funky, boyish appearance that the group has emphasized until now.

For the past year, Teen Top has worked hard to prepare this new album titled “Teen Top Exito,” and the title track “It’s Not Easy” is a dance song with an R&B groove rhythm.

Meanwhile, “Teen Top Exito” will be released through various online music sites on September 15.

[[ credits : http://www.soompi.com/2014/09/03/teen-top-releases-new-teaser-photos-for-upcoming-comeback/ ]]

Sorry for posting this but i put credits, so please don't hate me >.<

I' ve always been  excited with upcoming comebacks of my favorite groups. And this one got me more excited that I already am!! WOOOT LET'S LOVE TEEN TOP'S UPCOMING  COMEBACK!

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 [Breaking News]
OFFICIAL B1A4: [!!] Sandeul has a hole in his lung & it shows the symptom of lung diseutoma, doctor Seo Min said he should get treatment and medicine

Just this afternoon my whole world is crumbling down. I feel like it's the worst day of my life. I feel so heartbroken. I just received a news from a friend that my Bias in B1A4 has a hole in his lung. I don't know what to do. I feel like crying. I feel so devastated. Lee Junghwan has a hole on his lungs. Now i know how it's like when your bias is ill. Now I know what Gongchan and Dongho biased felt when they were in this situation. 

Please pray for his recovery, please pray for his health, please pray for him. 

Image lifted from http://jinyoungindoclub.wordpress.com/

Image lifted from jinyoungindoclub.wordpress.com

Video :

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krrrrrr I haven't sleep the entire night till 4 am and I had to wake up at 6am to finish my school works. and I feel so tired.

but look here!! Tao proposed to me :D

My Zizi <3

please don't kill me SMEnt for editing your photo TT____TT

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I've been trying to make an account in EXO-L official page ever since the time they open it up, but unlucky for me it was always error. So I stopped trying for like, 4 or 3 days. Then yesterday morning before I went to school, I try to access it. THEN BOOM! Finally! I'm officially a member of the fandom! Yay!!


my card

Aecha Park

Aug. 11th, 2014 01:27 pm
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I am Aecha Park, new to this community. I hope to find a lot of friends online. Also to read all the wonderful works of everyone!

Lately, I've been engrossed to these Beauties. I hope I can find a lot of friends sharing same stuffs I love.

RedVelvet Babies


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